September 29, 2014

*Is is sitting on the toilet, making poo. I leave to do some bills & Dad goes in to sit with her while she finishes*

“Hey, Dad! Take a video!”
“Uh…. no.”



September 27, 2014

*Sitting at the kitchen table, making lunch; all the windows and kitchen door are open… next door, the neighbors are working on their bikes & listening to Pink Floyd’s “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”*

“Mommy, can you change that song?”
“Oh, hon, they’re listening outside… so, no.”
“But, why are they listening to that music?”
“I guess they like it. Don’t you like it?”
“No! It’s horrible!”
“I can play something else on the computer if you want…”
“They should skip that music, Mom. I hate it! It’s a sad song.”


September 26, 2014

*It’s finally time to upgrade Is’s room from changing table to dresser; our friend Vaughan is coming over later to help move it*

“Let’s get going, Is, Vaughan’s coming later…”
“Mom? Vaughan is very smart.”
“Really? Why do you think that?”
“Because he learns a lot of stuff.”
“That’s true.”
“Mommy, Vaughan is the greatest Vaughan.”


September 25, 2014

“So, Is, what did you do in school today?”
“We were in the big classroom.”
“Wow! All of you were in there?”
“Yep! And I didn’t sit on the floor.”
“No? Did you sit on a chair?”
“Yes, for group. And then we sang.”
“Really? You sang? What did you sing?”
“No, I didn’t sing. I didn’t sing a song.”
“Oh. Are you sure?”
“Yes. I didn’t sing, not at all.”
“Ohhhhhkay… did you play with the bells again?”
“Yes. But I smacked it an smacked it and it didn’t make any noise.”
“Mommy… the ding thing is gone. Why is the ding thing gone?”
“You mean the clapper for the bell?”
“Yeah, the clapper. The ding thing, that makes it go ding.”
“I don’t know.”


September 24, 2014

*Today, while Is was BACK IN SCHOOL(!!!), I moved all the furniture out of the kitchen and washed the floor, letting it dry while I picked her up*

“Mom! What happened here?”
“I washed the floor, so I had to move the chairs and stuff… it’s so nice and clean, look!”
“But, Mom… I need to.. I need… where’s the garbage can?
“It’s here. See, now I can put everything back; the floor is dry.”
“Oh, they mark up the floor when it’s wet, and they kind of get in the way of mopping.”
“I want to mop!”
“Sure thing! You can do it next time, okay?”
“Okay. I like the floor all clean and nice…”


September 23, 2014

*The town finally sent a crew to take the dying tree down out front… Is and I watched in fascination as they dismantled it, then fed it to the wood chipper*

“Mommy, they’re taking down the tree!”
“I know, Is, isn’t it interesting?”
“Um... Mommy… where are they taking it?”
“The branches? They’re feeding them into the wood chipper, see? That turns them into mulch they’ll use to make other plants grow.”
“But… Mommy…”
“Why aren’t they taking the tree to the hospital?”


September 22, 2014

*Is is still sick, and now I suspect a sinus infection, so we’re taking her to the doc this morning*

“Mom… what’s the doktah gonna do to me?”
“Well… he’s gonna look in your nose, and your mouth and your ears, you know, with that little tiny light, and then he’s gonna listen to your chest and your back. And maybe he’ll give you some medicine.”
“How’s he gonna open my nose?”
“Oh, no, he doesn’t have to OPEN your nose… he’s going to look at your snots inside with the little light.”
“That’s okay, then. Can we watch that thing with the furniture that opens?”


And here’s the link for the ‘furniture that opens’…

September 21, 2014

*Is has been getting up at 6 AM… This morning, I took my pill, got up with her, and was sitting next to her while she ate breakfast at around 6:30 AM*

“Mommy, where’s your tea and toast?”
“I have to wait another half hour to eat, Is.”
“Oh, I took my pill… I can’t eat for an hour after I take it.”

**She puts down her waffle and looks at me with concern**

“Oh, Mommy… that’s so sad. I’m starving.”


September 20, 2014

*Is has a cold, and her lips are getting a little chapped, so I gave her her own tube of lip balm and showed her how to put it on*

“Mom! I got my lipstick on!”
“Great, Is, is it helping your lips feel better?”
“Yes! I put it on my lips…and my cheeks… and my hands… and my feet…”
“Your feet?”

**This is when my friend Marta calls… and after we talk a few minutes, I put Is on to say hi**

Is ~ “Hi Marta! I put lipstick on my lips!”
M ~ “That’s great, Is!”
Is ~ “And my hands… and my feet!”
M ~ “Your feet?”
Is ~ “Yes!”
M ~ “But, Is… it doesn’t go on your feet. It goes on your lips.”
Is ~ “Too late! It’s on my feet!”