November 2, 2014

*As I pull a yogurt pop for Is out of the freezer, I accidentally knock the quart of lentil soup that I just stuck in there on the floor. After I finish cursing, I hand Is the pop and get down on the floor to clean up the mess.*

“Mommy, why did you do that?”
“What, Is, drop the soup?”
“It was an accident, hon. I didn’t mean to drop it. Now it’s garbage and I have to clean it up and throw it all away.”
“Oh, that’s so sad.”
“It’s not so bad. We have other things to eat.”
“Okay. Well, I guess that’s okay then.”



October 30, 2014

*Looking through the last 3 years of Halloween photos, Is spies her picture from last year…*

“Mom! Where’s that hatbandhead thing?”
“The princess headband? It’s in the toy bin in the living room.”
“Can we go get it?”

**Putting it on, she runs and looks in the mirror.**

“Mom! I’m a very princess!”
“Hahaha! A FAIRY princess… that’s what you were last year. Remember, like Emily Elizabeth was in the Clifford book?”
“I know. I’m a very fairy princess!”


October 26, 2014

“Mommy, why don’t you have any more children?”
“You mean, more than you? You’re my child.”
“Yeah. Why do you only have one kid? Other mommies have more than one kid.”
“Well… that’s true. I was kind of old when I had you, Is, and it’s harder to have a baby when you get older.”
“Why do you want to know?”
“Because… you only have one kid. You have one kid, Mom.”
“Yes, that’s right.”
“You’re a kid, Mom, also. Mom, you’re a meatball.”


October 20, 2014

*Making dinner… or trying to, anyway*

“Is, please just give me a minute to finish… once this is in the oven, I’m all yours. Okay?”
“Okay. Why do you have to make dinner?”
“Well, it’s dinnertime, and everybody’s hungry, right?”
“Yes! I’m hungry!”
“Okay, good. So I’m making dinner, and Grandma’s coming over, and we’ll all have a nice meal together.”
“Is it Biggie’s mac and cheese?”
“No, pork roast with carrots & other vegetables, with herbs from the garden, and potatoes with sage and thyme from the garden.”
“Mom! I hate potatoes!”
“I know, and I still don’t understand it.”
“I don’t know, either. But I hate them.”


October 17, 2014

*Is brings her iPhone into the bathroom to play with during my shower this morning. I step out of the tub and am drying off when Is points the phone at me and…*

“Mom! I took a picture of your boob!”
“Oh ho! Two more pictures!”
“Is, please stop taking pictures of my boob.”
“No way, Mom!”

**Then she follows me into the bedroom while I’m getting dressed, then walks back to my bathroom, sits on the floor, points the phone at the toilet, and says…**

“Mom! I took a picture of the toilet!”
“Yes! Oh! Lots more pictures of the toilet!”


October 15, 2014

*Is has been watching Weird Al videos for a while… her current fave is “Gump”. I showed her the original “Lump” video today, and was explaining about the movie, and the references in the video from the movie, but I also told her that she’s too young to see the movie, as there are things in it I don’t think she’s ready to see yet. I told her she could see it when she was older.*

**Is comes home from school, and is finishing her snack, when…**

“Mom. I want to see “Gump”.”
“The Weird Al, or the original “Lump”?”
“No, Mommy, the movie.”
“Oh, Is, I already told you… you have to wait ’til you’re older to see the movie.”
“But, Mom! I got older today when I was in school!”


August 1, 2014

*In the car, pretending to blow bubbles (we were in the car for a LONG time today*
“OK, let’s blow some bubbles… mine looks like a Christmas tree…”
**I pretend to blow a big bubble**
“I’m going to blow ROUND bubbles.”
***Is pretends to blow bubbles and watch them float***
“Mom! What do you think of my round bubbles?”
“They’re great, Is!”
****Jabbing her finger in the air****


October 12, 2014

*As I’m writing the last pee-pee post, Is is watching me while eating her cereal*

“Mommy… why your eyebrows like that?”
“I don’t know, Is, what are they doing? I can’t see them.”
“They’re not eyebrows, they’re glasses.”
“No, I have eyebrows…”
“No, you don’t! You don’t have eyebrows! Batta batta batta!”

**I pull up my bangs and wiggle my eyebrows at her**

“Mom! They’re like curled-up snakes! Stop that!”


October 5, 2014

*I recently bought Is a Bozo punching bag toy… to replace the little rocking horse that she got too big for… and we had a big discussion about why it’s okay to hit the toy (but not people), and why it’s okay (and maybe helpful) to hit the toy when you’re mad*

“Mommy… Are you mad?”
“Mad things make you mad.”
“Yes, I guess that’s true, but I’m not mad now. What should you do when you’re mad?”
“You should stop.”
“Stop being mad?”
“I take a deep breath to help me stop being mad.”
“I know that already, Mommy. You already learned me that.”