June 9, 2017- socks again.

*At dinner, Isobel is telling Vaughan and Daddy about the magic flying socks she’s invented. Vaughan is trying to follow her story…*

“See, the socks fly off my feet, then they go down the basement stairs, then they get in the um, washer, and then they get into the dryer, and then they get all folded up nice, and fly back up the stairs, and land perfectly in my drawer! Isn’t that great?”

Vaughan gets a sort of glazed-over look and takes a sip of his drink, apparently considering the magic socks.

Dad says, “You mean Mom?”

*That’s right- I am the magic behind the socks.*



October 21, 2014

*At dinner tonight… Is will eat pizza, but only white pizza. It wasn’t on the menu… but I asked, and the chef made her one!*

“Hey, Is, that was pretty nice of them to make you that special pizza, huh?”
“Why was it pretty nice? Why wasn’t it VERY nice?”
“You know, you’re right. It was very nice!”