October 21, 2014

“So, Is, did you have a snack at school today?”
“What did you have?”
“Uh…. we had… uh… ghost crackers.”
“Ghost crackers?”
“No. Ghost-FLAVORED crackers.”
“Were they good?”
“Yes. I liked them. You have go buy those.”



October 21, 2014

*At breakfast*

“Come on, Is, let’s eat so we can go to the eye doctor…”
“We can go a little early, and you can play in the little house… so come on!”
“No way!”
“Eat it or wear it, Is.”
“Mom! I can’t eat it. I can’t wear it! How can I wear it?”


October 20, 2014

*Making dinner… or trying to, anyway*

“Is, please just give me a minute to finish… once this is in the oven, I’m all yours. Okay?”
“Okay. Why do you have to make dinner?”
“Well, it’s dinnertime, and everybody’s hungry, right?”
“Yes! I’m hungry!”
“Okay, good. So I’m making dinner, and Grandma’s coming over, and we’ll all have a nice meal together.”
“Is it Biggie’s mac and cheese?”
“No, pork roast with carrots & other vegetables, with herbs from the garden, and potatoes with sage and thyme from the garden.”
“Mom! I hate potatoes!”
“I know, and I still don’t understand it.”
“I don’t know, either. But I hate them.”


October 17, 2014

*Vaughan and Munkle are here playing with Is… Vaughan comes out of the porch wearing Is’s little fireman’s hat… He is followed closely by Is, who is running and holding a Lego Duplo fire brick*

(Is, to Vaughan, while brandishing fire)
“You’re fired! You’re fired! AAAAAAGGGHHHHHH!”


October 17, 2014

*Is brings her iPhone into the bathroom to play with during my shower this morning. I step out of the tub and am drying off when Is points the phone at me and…*

“Mom! I took a picture of your boob!”
“Oh ho! Two more pictures!”
“Is, please stop taking pictures of my boob.”
“No way, Mom!”

**Then she follows me into the bedroom while I’m getting dressed, then walks back to my bathroom, sits on the floor, points the phone at the toilet, and says…**

“Mom! I took a picture of the toilet!”
“Yes! Oh! Lots more pictures of the toilet!”


October 16, 2014

*On the way home from physical therapy today, I pass a huge, fully loaded car carrier on the highway*

“Mommy! Why can’t those cars drive anymore?”
“Oh, they can drive… they’re new, so they’re taking them to the dealership. It’s the store for new cars.”

**Fifteen second pause**

“But, Mommy, how will they get them OFF that thing?”
“They’ll drive them off when they arrive.”
“Who? Who will drive them?”
“A person who works at the dealership.”
“And then they’ll sell them in the store?”
“And we can buy one?”
“Well, we don’t need one right now, but if we did, then yes.”
“We could get a red one!”
“Sure thing.”


October 15, 2014

*Is has been watching Weird Al videos for a while… her current fave is “Gump”. I showed her the original “Lump” video today, and was explaining about the movie, and the references in the video from the movie, but I also told her that she’s too young to see the movie, as there are things in it I don’t think she’s ready to see yet. I told her she could see it when she was older.*

**Is comes home from school, and is finishing her snack, when…**

“Mom. I want to see “Gump”.”
“The Weird Al, or the original “Lump”?”
“No, Mommy, the movie.”
“Oh, Is, I already told you… you have to wait ’til you’re older to see the movie.”
“But, Mom! I got older today when I was in school!”


October 13, 2014

*Just before bed*

“Mom… I’m gonna have some weird dreams tonight.”
“Yep. And I’ll tell you about them later. In the morning. When I’m up again.”
“Okay, I can’t wait.”
“Oh, you’ll wait ’til after I pee-pee, Mommy.”


July 31, 2014

*Grandma’s leaving, after a visit*

“We’re all out of hugs and kisses, Grandma… but we still have punch kisses!”
“How many will you give her, Is?”
**Six punch kisses later…**
“Now go home and enjoy your punch kisses, Grandma.”