January 2, 2017

*Isobel nearly always comes in to draw on the big mirror in the bathroom while I’m taking a shower. Today was no exception- she drew a monster with a huge V on top of its head. It had three faces, and each face showed a big, happy smile. She held up three fingers and said…*

“This is how much faces the monster has!”
“He’s adorable! They’re all smiley. And it’s how many, not how much.””Oh, right, how many. Okay.”

“Right. Remember, much is if you can’t count something, and many if is you CAN count… like, how many fingers, or how much air…” I swing my hand around in the air, making figure eights.

“But, Mommy, you can count everything. Because it’s molecules.”

“Huh. Well, you got me there, kid. You’re right. But let’s say you don’t have the technology handy, such an electron microscope, right then to count something like air, so you’d say how much. Okay?”

“Okay. You still like my monster?”
“Very much.”




August 29,2016

*Is and I are discussing watching the third Harry Potter movie when we haven’t finished reading the book yet.*

“Look, you gotta read the book first, before you see the movie.”
“Well, there’s so much more to the book, if you don’t read it first, you miss some stuff the movie might refer to… and the movies are never, ever as good as the books.”
“Oh. So, do the Hebrew people do it different?”

*At this I stop loading the dishwasher and look up. Holy shit, this kid is so quick, I thought. Back when she started to learn to read, she often wanted to turn the book over and start from the other way (maybe because she’s left handed?)… I had to explain many times the books always open the same way, and then I told her, ‘oh, I guess Hebrew books go this way, they open like this and read in this direction, but not English. It’s a different language. Like Chinese, you read that from top to bottom.’ But I think we only talked about that one time…*

“Oh, no, Jewish people, not Hebrew people, and Hebrew is the language. Those are the books you read the other way, is that what you mean?”
“Yeah! Do they watch the movie first?”
“No. They read the book first, too.”


December 14, 2015

*Is crab walks in this morning, slapping her feet hard on the floor.*

“Mommy! Daddy! Pretend I’m a dragon, slapping fire!”
“Okay! AAAAAGHHHH! There’s a fire-slapping dragon in here!”
“Now, I’m bed proof.”
“Uh, what’s that mean?”

**She jumps on the bed.**

“Are you a cuddly dragon, Is?”
“Yes. Oh! Can I be a dragon puppy?”


October 12, 2015

“Mommy! Do you know how they make ice cubes?”
“They pour the water into these little square things… and then it’s ice cubes! Isn’t that amazing?”
“And then… and then! And then you can put them in things, like water, or beer…”
“Not beer…”
“Why? Oh, I know. Because they won’t fit in the bottle!”
“Haha! No, I was going to say, because watered-down beer isn’t tasty.”
“They should make beer-bottle-shaped ice cubes!”
“You’re totally right!”


November 4, 2014

*After voting, Is and I are on the way to school. I drive past a pink toilet, set out on the curb in the trash.*

“Mommy, what’s that toilet doing outside?”
“It looks like they’re throwing it away.”
“I don’t know… maybe they’re renovating the bathroom, or maybe it’s broken.”
“How did they get it off the floor?”
“That’s a good question, Is! It’s bolted down, so they just lift the little caps and unbolt it. They have to drain the water out first. Then, they can just lift it up. I’ll show you the bolts when we get home.”
“Oh. Can a girl do that?”
“Sure, why not? If she knows how, and if she’s strong enough, then she can totally do it.”
“Can she carry it outside? That heavy toilet?”
“Yes. Of course she can. She just needs to be strong enough to lift it.”
“Mommy… I can do that! I’m strong!”


October 30, 2014

*Looking through the last 3 years of Halloween photos, Is spies her picture from last year…*

“Mom! Where’s that hatbandhead thing?”
“The princess headband? It’s in the toy bin in the living room.”
“Can we go get it?”

**Putting it on, she runs and looks in the mirror.**

“Mom! I’m a very princess!”
“Hahaha! A FAIRY princess… that’s what you were last year. Remember, like Emily Elizabeth was in the Clifford book?”
“I know. I’m a very fairy princess!”


October 27, 2014

*Tonight, we read a few stories, one of which was ‘Clifford, We Love You.’ The first sentence is: “Clifford was feeling down-in-the-dumps.”*

“Mommy, what does down-in-dumps mean?”
“Down-in-the-dumps means when you’re sad. It happens to everybody, sometimes.”
“Hmm. It doesn’t happen to ME.”
“You know what, Is? That’s true. It hasn’t happened to you.”
“Poor Clifford.”


October 25, 2014

*This morning, Is is playing in the bathroom, looking sideways into the mirror*

“Mommy! Why does the mirror catch my face?”
“The mirror reflects your face. It doesn’t catch or touch it, like when you catch a ball. Right?”
“I don’t know. It’s difficult if you’re in the bathroom, you can’t see your head.”
“Uh… but you can’t see your head normally, even if you’re not in the bathroom, right? You need a mirror to see your head.”
“No. No. Oh… yes!”


October 24, 2014

*Is has shrimp rolls with dinner and… *

“Mommy, I like shrimp!”
“I’m glad, Is. I like it, too!”
“I want more shrimp!”
“Well, you finished it, so have your soup.”
“Oh, okay. Can I have more shrimp soon?”
“Sure. Hey, we’ll go to Biggie’s for dinner tomorrow or the next day, and you can try one of their fried shrimp, and see if you like it. Okay?”
“One? Why not five?”