I Still Just Want to Pee Alone – TODAY!

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m in this anthology with a group of incredibly talented writers!

The book hits the world today… Get ready!



November 6, 2014

*Up early again (thanks DST)…. Is hangs out in the big bed for a little while, and rolling around, cracks her toes…*

“Mom! Did you hear that?”
“My toes! They made a sound!”
“You cracked your knuckles, Is.”
“But… why did they make a sound?”
“When you pop your knuckles, you make space in the joint… and the fluid in the joint gets sucked into the new space, and makes the popping sound.”
“It’s not my joints!”
“Yes, they’re joints; anywhere your body bends, there are joints between the bones, so they can move. So…”
“But, Mom…”
“Uh huh?”
“It’s noisy.”



November 5, 2014

*Is’s Dad has been out on tour for two weeks; he came home late last night. Is was delighted to see him this morning…*

“Dad! I’m happy to see you!”
“Me, too, Is!”

*She climbs up on the bed and after a giant hugfest, she reaches over to Dave’s nightstand and grabs a book*

“Dad! You can read this! It’s a man’s book.”



November 4, 2014

*Over dinner, Munkle and I are discussing weight loss, and how when some older people lose a lot of weight, they tend to get a little deflated looking…*

“Excuse me, Mom…”
“Mom! Munkle’s gonna be deflated on the floor like a squirt of paint!”


November 4, 2014

*After voting, Is and I are on the way to school. I drive past a pink toilet, set out on the curb in the trash.*

“Mommy, what’s that toilet doing outside?”
“It looks like they’re throwing it away.”
“I don’t know… maybe they’re renovating the bathroom, or maybe it’s broken.”
“How did they get it off the floor?”
“That’s a good question, Is! It’s bolted down, so they just lift the little caps and unbolt it. They have to drain the water out first. Then, they can just lift it up. I’ll show you the bolts when we get home.”
“Oh. Can a girl do that?”
“Sure, why not? If she knows how, and if she’s strong enough, then she can totally do it.”
“Can she carry it outside? That heavy toilet?”
“Yes. Of course she can. She just needs to be strong enough to lift it.”
“Mommy… I can do that! I’m strong!”


November 3, 2014

*While reading ‘The Cat in the Hat’ tonight…*

“Mommy, why are those Things doin’ that?”
“I don’t know, Is, let’s find out as we keep reading.”
“But, Mommy… why are they actin’ that way?”
“Let’s find out.”
“But the Mommy is out of the house.”
“That’s right.”
“Where did she go?”
“I don’t know, Is.”
“But… Mom… How could she go out and just leave them there all alone?”


November 2, 2014

*As I pull a yogurt pop for Is out of the freezer, I accidentally knock the quart of lentil soup that I just stuck in there on the floor. After I finish cursing, I hand Is the pop and get down on the floor to clean up the mess.*

“Mommy, why did you do that?”
“What, Is, drop the soup?”
“It was an accident, hon. I didn’t mean to drop it. Now it’s garbage and I have to clean it up and throw it all away.”
“Oh, that’s so sad.”
“It’s not so bad. We have other things to eat.”
“Okay. Well, I guess that’s okay then.”


November 1, 2014


“Is, I thought you were going to use the toilet from now on… why are you on the potty?”
“I had to pee!”
“That’s good… but we talked about using the toilet… Remember? “
“Have no fear, Mom.”


October 31, 2014… Halloween!


“Okay, Is, let’s get these spider rings and candy ready for the trick-or-treaters…”
“Mommy, why should we give them spider rings?”
“Well, they’re trick-or-treating, so… we give them treats so they don’t trick us.”
“It’s a Halloween tradition.”
“But why?”
“Because these kids went and got dressed up in costume, and they expect to get candy or something like that when they ring the doorbell.”
“The front door bell?”
“Can I give them the spider rings?”
“Of course!”
“I can’t wait! I want to hear the bell right now!”