February 10, 2016

*It is getting harder and harder to get this kid to bed… In the bathroom, getting ready for bed tonight…*

“Mommy, why can you wash your hands with your rings on?”
“They’re just silver and gold, water and soap can’t hurt them. You can’t wear a pearl ring when you wash your hands, or an opal, those can get damaged by water.”
“What’s a pearl?”
“I’ll show you tomorrow. They’re amazing things, pearls. They’re made by oysters.”
“Well, something gets inside the oyster’s shell, like a piece of sand or grit or something, and it irritates the oyster, whose body is very soft. So they put this sort of oyster spit on it, layers and layers, called nacre, and the layers build up, and that becomes a pearl.”
“Mommy, that is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard.”
“Maybe, but pearls are some of the most beautiful things you’ll ever see.”

Photo is The Canning Jewel Mermaid (probably 1800s), property of the Victoria and Albert Museum.



February 9, 2016

*Going to sleep tonight, after Daddy reads her a book, Is asks me to tell her a story. Snow White, she asks. Of course I get it wrong and tell her Sleeping Beauty…*

“But, Mommy, where are the dorfs?”
“Dorfs? O shit, you said Snow White! I’m sorry, I told you Sleeping Beauty. Yes, Snow White has the seven dwarfs.”
“What are dorfs?”
“Dwarfs. They’re people. Little people. They get to be grown-ups, but they stay little.”
“Wait, they’re people?”
“Yes. Regular people who are smaller than usual.”
“How do they do that?”
“Um, they have a condition called dwarfism. It makes them stay little.”
“How do they get it?”
“They’re born with it, just like you were born with hip dysplasia.”
“But, how does it work? How do they stay little?”
“It makes their bodies little, shorter than people who don’t have dwarfism. They’re regular people, just little.”
“I’ll show you some pictures on my computer tomorrow.”
“I must have tallism.”
“You know, because I’m tall. I must have tallism.”
“Oh, baby, it doesn’t work like that. You’re tall because your Dad is tall. Now go to sleep.”

This photo is of Lucia Zarate, the world’s smallest woman. She weighed just 4.7 lbs and was 2 feet tall. She lived from 1864-1890.


February 3, 2016

*Is is up early, and comes in to bounce on our bed…*

“Good morning, Mommy! Do you know where your mouth is?”
“Uh… here?” (I point to my forehead)
“No! Lower.”
“Okay, here?” (I point to my chin)
“Above your chin!”
“Here?” (I point to my mouth)
“Yes! Now you know where to put your cookies.”


February 2, 2016

*Our water heater bit the big one on Friday- it was as close to camping as I like to get- had to turn it on and off whenever we needed hot water. Last night, DH drained the whole system so the plumber could put the new one in this morning… it took about 6 hours, so I didn’t get a chance to shower today (which I hate). DH and I were having dinner with Is, and discussing who’s going to shower tonight…*

“Man, I hate it when I can’t shower.”
“Mom, that’s because you’re all greasy. You have to take a shower every day.”
“I wish.”


February 1, 2016-2

*I thought a hot shower today might help Is blow some of that snot out of her nose- so, after her shower, I wrap her up in a big fluffy towel, turban up her hair, and she starts blowing her nose…*

“Mommy. This yellow snot is disgusting.”
“Yep. Better out than in, so keep blowing.”
“You know, T. came to school and he had a big yellow booger in his nose. I bet he had a cold and now I have a cold.”
“Well, that can happen, but we can’t know for sure that you caught this at school. It could have been anywhere.”
“Well, his parents shouldn’t have sent him to school if he was sick.”
“True, but maybe he wasn’t sick when he went to school- and anyway, some parents have to send their kids to school when they’re a little bit sick, because both parents work, and they can’t stay home with a sick kid.”
“It’s terrible.”
“But you’re home. And you take really good care of me.”
“Thanks! I’m just lucky, I get to stay home with you.”
“You’re the best mommy ever.”


February 1, 2016

*Is is staying home today because she’s sick… even though she just saw the doctor on Friday.*

“But I want to go to school and swimming!”
“I know, babe, I’m sorry, but you’re sick. Your nose is running and your ears are clogged, and you had a fever yesterday. We’ll stay home and take it easy today, and try to go to school tomorrow. I’ll call and see if we can reschedule your swim class.”
“I know. I’m sorry. I just don’t want you to get even sicker. And you just saw the doctor the other day!”
“That’s not a very good doctor, then.”


January 26, 2016

*Dave’s flight got cancelled last night- there’s too much ice in Newark to land the plane. I got him on another flight today, so he’ll be home late tonight. Is comes in this morning, and…*

“Mommy! I thought Daddy was going to be here!”
“He was supposed to be, babe, but his flight got cancelled- they couldn’t land the plane here because of the snow and ice. It’s not safe. He’ll be home tomorrow.”
“I was gonna hug him tighter and tighter and tighter…”
“That’s really nice.”
“And I was gonna hug you the tightest.”


January 25, 2016

*After lunch, Is has a treat of Pez. Even though she can do it herself, she wants help loading the dispenser…*

“Mom, please put the Pez in.”
“You don’t want to do it?”
“No. You.”
“Sure, it’s fun, I’ll do it.”
“No, it’s not, Mom.”
“It’s not fun?”
“Do you know what fun is?”


January 24, 2016-2

*Getting out of the shower…*

“Mommy! The phone was ringing.”
“Okay. Did you answer it?”
“It’s okay, they’ll leave a message.”
“Oh. Then it rang again.”
“Twice? It rang twice?”
“Don’t worry about it.”

**I turn around, just gettin’ dry…**

“Mommy! Your boobs are old and floppy, and not fabulous!”
“What? Me? Not fabulous? No way!”
“Yes. I had to tell you.”
“You once told me my boobs were hilarious.”
“Not now.”


January 24, 2016

*Isobel’s drawing pictures on paper towels with crayons, and taping them all around the kitchen table. She stops, and starts pulling the paper off a crayon, dropping little pieces on the floor.*

“Hey, Is, please don’t do that. I just vacuumed the floors yesterday.”
“But I’m going to sweep it up…”
“Okay, but still, please, don’t mess up the floor on purpose. There’s enough to clean up as it is.”
“Mom- the house just gets messed up again all the time.”
“And then you have to clean it all the time.”
“I’m gonna help you. We’ll get the house sparkling clean!”
“That would be wonderful. Thank you.”