December 16, 2015

Isobel has hip dysplasia. She was born with it, and so was I. We’ve both had multiple surgeries, casts, braces, and therapy to help fix our hips. Isobel’s hip was finally fixed this year. It took eight surgeries, the resolute efforts of a highly skilled surgeon and his team, nearly 11 months of spica casts, many days in the hospital, multiple braces, and countless hours of physical therapy. I’ve written an essay about her journey (and mine) in a new book that’s been published this week, “Onward! Navigating Hip Dysplasia, PAO Surgery, and Beyond”.

I am grateful to Jen Lesea-Ames, for her beautiful strength, dedication, and passion for her project. I believe her book will change so many lives for the better- people who thought they were alone in their struggles with hip dysplasia will find that they are not- and that there’s a community of people who understand and empathize. It’s a powerful thing, empathy. She’s connecting people and creating a brand new support system for all of us. Thank you, Jen.

Here’s a link to Jen’s PAO Project website:

Here’s a link to the book on Amazon:




December 9, 2015

*Last week at school was the letter ‘D’ week- and the kids had doughnuts for a treat for snack one day. Previously, Is has refused every doughnut we’ve ever offered her. Also, she won’t eat cake.*

“Mommy! We had a new snack today!”
“Yes! It was white… and yellow inside. And you bite it and it tastes delicious!”
“Those were doughnuts, cake doughnuts.”
“Wow. Can we get some of those?”
“Sure thing.”


December 12, 2015

*Today, Is is watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas” on her iPad, when she pauses it and turns to me.*

“Mommy, I know what the Christmas Spirit is.”
“Yeah. It’s when you’re supposed to have fun and enjoy your toys and presents and play in the snow.”
“That sounds nice, but it’s not really the Christmas Spirit…”
“But, if you hate the toys and don’t have fun in the snow, then that’s NOT the Christmas Spirit.”
“Well, it’s really more about being thankful…”
“And playing in the snow.”‘
“Sure. Yes, and playing in the snow.”


December 14, 2015

*Is crab walks in this morning, slapping her feet hard on the floor.*

“Mommy! Daddy! Pretend I’m a dragon, slapping fire!”
“Okay! AAAAAGHHHH! There’s a fire-slapping dragon in here!”
“Now, I’m bed proof.”
“Uh, what’s that mean?”

**She jumps on the bed.**

“Are you a cuddly dragon, Is?”
“Yes. Oh! Can I be a dragon puppy?”


December 15, 2015

*I stop after doing Is’s hair today, and give her a big hug. I tell her I love her and hug her some more.*

“Mommy. Do that again.”
“What, hug you? Sure thing. I love you!”
“Do you love me… even when I’m busy?”
“Even when I’m not here?”
“Absolutely. I love you all the time.”