September 5, 2014

*At the pediatrician’s today… Is was up most of the night & I was concerned she has an ear infection… and it turns out she does, dammit. Is was really, really good… however, there was another little kid there, crying and screaming and generally losing her shit… and Is was very concerned*

“Mommy, why is that kid crying and screaming?”
“I don’t know, Is, but she’s got her mom with her, and the doctor is trying to help her, so she’s okay.”
“Awwww…. Are you sure, Mommy? Because she sounds really, really sad.”
“You’re right, she does.”
“I have to tell her she should get a lollipop when she leaves.”
“I’m sure they’ll give her one. Don’t worry, okay?”
“Okay. But I can get her one if she needs one.”