July 31, 2014

“Come on, Is, drink some water.”
“Why should I?”
“Because you still have a slight fever, and your body needs extra water right now.”
“Because why?”
“Because your body a little hotter than usual, and drinking more water will help keep you from dehydrating.”
“This water tastes funny.”
“It’s fine, Is.”
“I don’t like it!”
“How about if I put a drop of lemon juice in it?”
“I guess that would be OK.”

*I add a drop of lemon juice*

“Mommy! It’s delicious! I’m gonna drink it all up!”



August 1, 2014

*In the city today*
**The wind blows the hat off a woman’s head and Is sees it**
“Mom, what happened to her hat?”
“The wind blew it.”
“That’s what the wind does, it moves things.”


August 1, 2014

*In the car, pretending to blow bubbles (we were in the car for a LONG time today*
“OK, let’s blow some bubbles… mine looks like a Christmas tree…”
**I pretend to blow a big bubble**
“I’m going to blow ROUND bubbles.”
***Is pretends to blow bubbles and watch them float***
“Mom! What do you think of my round bubbles?”
“They’re great, Is!”
****Jabbing her finger in the air****


October 2, 2014

*Waiting for Is’s blankets to come out of the dryer*

“Mommy, where is my bwanket?”
“I had to wash it this morning, remember, and the other ones too? They’re in the dryer now. Hear it running downstairs?”
“Yessssss….. but can you just make my bed now and put my pillow in there and all my buddies so it’s ready for me?”
“Sure, as soon as the blankets are out of the dryer. They’re still damp, and they need to be dry before I can make the bed.”
“But… can’t you just use a towel?”
“Oh… no… towels are for people, and dishes… laundry has to go through the washer, and then the dryer, unless it’s hung up to dry, like bathing suits. Even the towels go in the washer and dryer.”
“Mommy… that’s too much!”
“It’s not a big deal, Is. They’ll be dry soon and your bed will be all ready, I promise.”


September 30. 2014

*Looking out the window right before bed, Is notices that it’s pretty dark out*

“Mommy, where’s the sunset?”
“It’s done already, Is. It’s nighttime now.”
“Are the birds sleeping?”
“Yes. They can’t fly at night, so they’re all cozy and asleep in their nests.”
“Why can’t they fly at night?”
“Well, they can’t see where they’re going, so they can’t fly.”
“But why?”
“They need light to see. And the sunlight is gone, because it’s night.”
“But bats… Bats can fly at night. They only fly at night.”
“Really? How do they see?”
“They don’t have to. They hear where they’re going, instead of seeing.”
“Mom… Bats must be really good listeners.”


September 26, 2014

*It’s finally time to upgrade Is’s room from changing table to dresser; our friend Vaughan is coming over later to help move it*

“Let’s get going, Is, Vaughan’s coming later…”
“Mom? Vaughan is very smart.”
“Really? Why do you think that?”
“Because he learns a lot of stuff.”
“That’s true.”
“Mommy, Vaughan is the greatest Vaughan.”


September 24, 2014

*Today, while Is was BACK IN SCHOOL(!!!), I moved all the furniture out of the kitchen and washed the floor, letting it dry while I picked her up*

“Mom! What happened here?”
“I washed the floor, so I had to move the chairs and stuff… it’s so nice and clean, look!”
“But, Mom… I need to.. I need… where’s the garbage can?
“It’s here. See, now I can put everything back; the floor is dry.”
“Oh, they mark up the floor when it’s wet, and they kind of get in the way of mopping.”
“I want to mop!”
“Sure thing! You can do it next time, okay?”
“Okay. I like the floor all clean and nice…”