February 6, 2018

*Isobel is getting ready for Valentine’s Day- a whole holiday made of love, glitter, hearts, candy and hugs? Forget it, it’s like the inside of her head. She’s got big plans to make Valentines for all her classmates.*

“Mom, I’ve got the class list! I can start on the Valentines. When is Valentine’s Day?”
“Eight days away.”
“So, how long is that?”
“Well, let’s look on your calendar- see, it’s here, on the fourteenth of the month. One week and one day from now.”
“Ohhhh! Okay. Well, Mommy, you better get all your work done early that day.”
“Hmm? Why?”
“Because I’m going to go to school and do the Valentines and then I’m coming home and going to hug you for the rest of the entire day.”
“Really? That sounds amazing.”
“Yes. I’m putting it on my calendar.”
“Okay, I’ll put it on my calendar, too.”

*I’m sorry I haven’t written anything in a long time. I just started college! I was feeling overwhelmed but now I think I’m hitting my stride- and Isobel said this to me today, and it seemed like the perfect thing to share with you. I’ll try to post a story once a week. Thanks for sticking around! ❤ *


June 28, 2017, first thing in the morning

*I’ve decided to go to college. It’s a bit weird, as I’m 48, but I guess there’s no time like the present? Anyway, this morning I was telling Dave how I scored on the practice Accuplacer tests I took last night, while Isobel was playing on the floor with her Hello Kitty stuff nearby…*

Me: “So, I got 100 percent on the reading comprehension, and 100 percent on the sentence structure… but twenty-seven percent on elementary algebra.”
Him: “Well, you knew you’d have trouble with that.”
Me: “Yeah…”
Isobel: “Mommy, what’s that, elementary algebra?”
Me: “It’s the math with the letters in it that makes me cry.”
Is: “Don’t worry, Mommy, I’ll help you! Do you know what four plus four is?”
Me: “Aw, thanks, Is! Yes, is it eight?”
Is: “Yes! Okay, what’s X plus X?”
Me: …
Dave: “You’re scaring mom…”