October 12, 2014

*Yesterday, Is was introduced to Pez by my friend, who gave her a little Dracula Pez dispenser. Is quickly ate one whole sleeve… and today, after lunch, she ate the other. Now her dispenser is empty…*

“But, Mommy… It still smells like candy!”
“I’m sure.”
“But, there’s no candy in it.”
“That’s right, you ate it all already.”
“But why?”
“Why did you eat it? You liked it, right?”
“No, why is it empty?”
“Because you ate all of it. There’s none left.”
“But Mom… his head smells like candy!”
“I bet.”
“Can we go to the Pez store and get more candy?”
“Maybe tomorrow.”
“No, Mommy, can we go in a couple of weeks?”