February 10, 2017 (first thing in the morning)

*Last night, past her bedtime, Isobel was beside herself- crying and upset over the possibility that she might have a bad dream. She just couldn’t settle herself and it was getting later and later. I tried to assure her that there was no reason to get upset; that if she had a bad dream she could handle it, that there was no real way to control what dreams you have, and then I gave her some suggestions of things to think about in case she did have a bad dream, so she would have something happy to put in her mind. But she was overtired, and there was no reasoning with her. When I had finally calmed her down and left her room, she fell asleep instantly.

First thing this morning, our alarms go off, Is bounces out of her room; on her way to the bathroom, she calls in to me…*

“Mommy, it was totally not worth crying and all last night. I slept and didn’t have any bad dreams!”

“Told you so.”


October 13, 2014

*Just before bed*

“Mom… I’m gonna have some weird dreams tonight.”
“Yep. And I’ll tell you about them later. In the morning. When I’m up again.”
“Okay, I can’t wait.”
“Oh, you’ll wait ’til after I pee-pee, Mommy.”


October 8, 2014

*This morning*

“Mommy! I had a dream! I goed under the pillow…”
“You went under the pillow?”
“Yes! And then, I goed under the dining room chair…”
“Uh huh…”
“And then… I went behind the table here… And I got toilet paper out of the corner… And that’s it.”