September 20, 2014

*Is has a cold, and her lips are getting a little chapped, so I gave her her own tube of lip balm and showed her how to put it on*

“Mom! I got my lipstick on!”
“Great, Is, is it helping your lips feel better?”
“Yes! I put it on my lips…and my cheeks… and my hands… and my feet…”
“Your feet?”

**This is when my friend Marta calls… and after we talk a few minutes, I put Is on to say hi**

Is ~ “Hi Marta! I put lipstick on my lips!”
M ~ “That’s great, Is!”
Is ~ “And my hands… and my feet!”
M ~ “Your feet?”
Is ~ “Yes!”
M ~ “But, Is… it doesn’t go on your feet. It goes on your lips.”
Is ~ “Too late! It’s on my feet!”



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