March 31, 2018 – the Navigator of the story

*Isobel is watching ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events,’ while I am attempting to finish my paper for Philosophy (Descartes and dreams, what fun!). Anyway, she stops the show on her iPad, looks over at me working on my computer, and says…*

“Mom. It’s nice they have a navigator telling the story, so you know what’s happening.”
“A navigator. You know, he tells the story so you know what’s going on.”
“Oh, no. Not a navigator. A narrator. A navigator is a person who finds directions for a trip, usually using maps, and decides the way to go. A narrator is a person who tells a story, like they talk through a movie, so you can follow the plot.”
“But a navigator tells the story.”
“No, baby, the word you want to use is narrator. But in a way, I guess a narrator is like a navigator- they both help you find your way. In a story or a movie, the person talking over the acting is usually a narrator.”
“Okay. I almost got lost in this movie.”
“Very cool. Enjoy!”


February 6, 2018

*Isobel is getting ready for Valentine’s Day- a whole holiday made of love, glitter, hearts, candy and hugs? Forget it, it’s like the inside of her head. She’s got big plans to make Valentines for all her classmates.*

“Mom, I’ve got the class list! I can start on the Valentines. When is Valentine’s Day?”
“Eight days away.”
“So, how long is that?”
“Well, let’s look on your calendar- see, it’s here, on the fourteenth of the month. One week and one day from now.”
“Ohhhh! Okay. Well, Mommy, you better get all your work done early that day.”
“Hmm? Why?”
“Because I’m going to go to school and do the Valentines and then I’m coming home and going to hug you for the rest of the entire day.”
“Really? That sounds amazing.”
“Yes. I’m putting it on my calendar.”
“Okay, I’ll put it on my calendar, too.”

*I’m sorry I haven’t written anything in a long time. I just started college! I was feeling overwhelmed but now I think I’m hitting my stride- and Isobel said this to me today, and it seemed like the perfect thing to share with you. I’ll try to post a story once a week. Thanks for sticking around! ❤ *

February 1, 2017

*Is gets two or three pages of homework every day (except Fridays), and once a month the teachers send home a new Sight Words sheet. We put that sheet up on the fridge after we work on reading the words together. But after we do the words, Isobel and I take turns making up little stories that use all the words in order, the sillier the better. I like to start my stories with, ‘It was a dark and stormy night…’

Today, the first sight word was ‘she’. We didn’t get much further than that, because…*

“She was a dark and stormy night…”

“HAHAHAHAHAHA! Isobel, that’s hilarious.”

“I’m not done, Mommy.”

“Dude, sorry. Please continue.”