August 30, 2014

*Is is singing*

“Juicy in the sky with diamonds… Juicy in the skah-hay with diamonds…”



August 30, 2014

*Last night, while putting Is to bed, we look out the window and see the crescent moon against the sunset*

**Later, she was a little fussy (from her cold, I guess), so I go back in and rock her a little… and we look out the window again. The sunset is gone, the sky is dark, and the moon is lower in the sky**

“Mommy! Look at that! The moon moved!”
“Yes, it’s moving all the time. It revolves around the earth, and the earth is also spinning… so we’re always moving.”
“That’s totally crazy, Mom.”


August 30, 2014

*Talking to Is about switching from her toddler bed to her big bed, which needs to happen soon*

“So, Is, you can pick out the linens and blankets and stuff, and we’ll pick out a mattress… and then you can pick out which way you want the bed in your room.”
“But Mom… I want to put my bed in the hallway.”
“Um. I don’t think it’ll fit in the hallway… plus, it goes in your bedroom. BED-ROOM. Get it? The room where your bed is.”
“Oh! That’s okay then. We can put it on my carpet. I want flower pillowcases.”


August 29, 2014

*Took Is to Marshall’s today, her second trip, to return a toy she chose on her first trip (but it didn’t work). I got her a set of measuring cups for her little kitchen and was heading over to the toys when…*

“Mommy, I want to go home.”
“Okay… but did you want to look at the toys first?”
“I want to go home.”
“Okay, let’s go.”
“Wait. Can we look at the clothes?”

**So we go and look at the clothes. She picks out a few things, and as I hang them on the cart, I realize that they are a cohesive collection… you can tell that the same person will be wearing these clothes. She’s a mini-fashion-genius!**

***On line to pay (and return the piece of shit Spongebob toy), the cashier oohs and aahs over the clothes. I tell her that Is picked them all out and she says***

“Oh my! You have such good taste! I wish you could be my personal shopper!”
“Mommy, what’s a sonal shopper?”
“Personal shopper. It’s someone who shops for other people.”
Is looks at the cashier, then back at me.
“Sure, Mommy, I can do that!”


August 29, 2014

*Just before bed*

“Mom, I just have to make a phone call…”
“Okay, Is, hurry up, it’s bedtime.”
“Okay! I just have to call Ringo…”

**She picks up the phone from her little kitchen and starts talking**

“Oh, hello, Ringo? Oh yes, well… are you coming over? Yes? Oh, that’s great. I can’t wait to see you. Okay, bye!”

***She hangs up the phone and turns to me***

“Mommy, Ringo’s comin’ over. Oh wait! I forgot to call John!”


August 29, 2014

*Is got up early & had a busy day… and was just about hitting the wall… so I convinced her to lay down in the big bed with me for a little nap…*

“Mommy, I’m not tired.”
“I know, Is, just put your head on the pillow for a minute.”
“But my head… my body… my feets… none of us are tired.”
“I know. But just try it for a minute, please?”
“Well… okay…”


**And now I have to go and WAKE HER UP!**

***In unrelated news… Only 16 more Fridays ’til Christmas! OMFG!***


August 29, 2014

*Is is playing with Grandma… after 2 Band-Aids (with Bactine and Polysporin and kisses), several shots, a few blood-pressure readings, she pulls her stethoscope out of the medical kit, puts the ends in her ears and…*

“Grandma, bring your heart over here.”


August 29, 2014

*This morning, Is kept me company in the bathroom*


“Mommy! You made pee-pee in the toilet!”
“Yep, that’s how I roll, Is.”
“Mommy…. you get an M&M!”
“Haha, no, Is, I’ve been using the toilet a loooong time… so no M&Ms for me. Do you have to pee in the toilet, and you can have one?”
“No. But can I flush it anyway?”


August 29, 2014

*Is gets up and wants to wash her hands before breakfast… but forgets to roll up her pajama sleeves*

“Mom! I washed my jamas!”
“Look! I’m all wet!!! AAAHHHH!!!”
“That’s not a big deal, Is, we’ll just change your shirt, okay?”
“I hate wet jamas.”
“Yeah, it feels weird.”
“And cold! I really hate it!!! Get this thing off me! Can I wear my blue shirt?”


August 28, 2014

*Still potty training… and my husband’s cousin Crista suggested M&Ms as an incentive. Today, we bought a bag, I gave Is one and explained that she’d get one for pee and two for poo in the potty or toilet. Not ten minutes later, Is runs over to the potty, pees, and says…*

“Mommy! I want an M&M, because I made pee in the potty!”