January 16, 2017

*After her swimming lesson at the gym today, I’m drying Isobel’s hair in the changing room. She turns and wiggles her loose tooth (her first!!!! OMFG!) at me, and points out the new space between her teeth. As she’s doing this, a woman who’s already changed and on her way out, walks by us, overhears our tooth conversation, and says..*

“Wow! I wonder what the Tooth Fairy brings these days?”

*Is turns to me and shrugs, then back to the woman and says…*

“I’m not sure, it’s my first loose tooth.”

“Well, when I was a kid, I think we got a quarter or something like that.”

*We briefly discuss inflation and its possible affect on the Tooth Fairy’s current payout plan. After the woman leaves, Is turns to me and says…*

“Mommy. That lady believes in the Tooth Fairy.”

“Seems like it. That’s pretty nice.”

(Looking around, concern apparent on her face) “She didn’t hear me, right?”



November 3, 2014

*While reading ‘The Cat in the Hat’ tonight…*

“Mommy, why are those Things doin’ that?”
“I don’t know, Is, let’s find out as we keep reading.”
“But, Mommy… why are they actin’ that way?”
“Let’s find out.”
“But the Mommy is out of the house.”
“That’s right.”
“Where did she go?”
“I don’t know, Is.”
“But… Mom… How could she go out and just leave them there all alone?”


November 2, 2014

*As I pull a yogurt pop for Is out of the freezer, I accidentally knock the quart of lentil soup that I just stuck in there on the floor. After I finish cursing, I hand Is the pop and get down on the floor to clean up the mess.*

“Mommy, why did you do that?”
“What, Is, drop the soup?”
“It was an accident, hon. I didn’t mean to drop it. Now it’s garbage and I have to clean it up and throw it all away.”
“Oh, that’s so sad.”
“It’s not so bad. We have other things to eat.”
“Okay. Well, I guess that’s okay then.”


October 28, 2014

*Our friend Johnny broke his arm yesterday… this morning we saw photos of him in his cast*

“Oh no, Is, Johnny broke his arm!”
“Mom… Is he gonna get a new one?”
“What? No, no, Is… the doctors will set it and put it in a cast and it will heal and be fine.”
“I had a cast!”
“Yes. This one is smaller, and on his arm.”
“Is he gonna be okay?”
“That’s good, Mommy.”


October 27, 2014

*Tonight, we read a few stories, one of which was ‘Clifford, We Love You.’ The first sentence is: “Clifford was feeling down-in-the-dumps.”*

“Mommy, what does down-in-dumps mean?”
“Down-in-the-dumps means when you’re sad. It happens to everybody, sometimes.”
“Hmm. It doesn’t happen to ME.”
“You know what, Is? That’s true. It hasn’t happened to you.”
“Poor Clifford.”


October 11, 2014

“Mom… why are the little mouses racing?”
“I think they’re running away from the cat, Is.”
“Because some cats eat mice.”
“What? Why?”
“Well, at home, they usually eat cat food, but in the wild, they eat birds, and mice, frogs and snakes, little animals like that.”
“They should just go to the food store.”
“They don’t have mice at the food store.”
“Why don’t they have mice at the food store? Where will the cats get them?”


October 8, 2014

*Whenever it’s windy and the windows are open, my bedroom door slams shut if we forget to use the doorstop. Sure enough, this morning, Is and I were playing on the bed & the door slams shut*

“Mom! What was that?”
“The door, remember? See how windy it is outside?”
“Why did it slam shut? It was so loud!”
“We talked about this before, remember? Do you remember why?”
“Yes! The wind slams it shut.”
“Mom… The wind is your friend… and it slams the door so you can get some sleep!”


October 6, 2014

*Munkle didn’t make it over in time for hugs & kisses before bed… Is asked WHY (of course)…*

“Where’s Munkle?”
“Their water heater’s leaking, so he had to get it fixed. He needs to stay home with Munklemom until the plumber can come fix it.”
“Well, if they don’t have the water heater working, they won’t have hot water to use for showering, or washing their hands, or dishes, or whatever. Also, it’s leaking, so they need to clean up the water.”
“Munkle didn’t slip, did he?”
“No, baby, he’s OK. He’ll be over tomorrow, after it’s fixed. He sent you a punch kiss.”
“Okay. Munkle’s okay then.”