December 19, 2016

*Isobel’s class has all the kids doing holiday cards for each other- they’ll be making mailbags in class to collect the cards from their classmates. So, of course they’re due on WEDNESDAY, and we just started them today… anyway, we get to the card for a kid named J. (who is not a popular kid, Is has told us time and again that he does things the other kids don’t like, and he thinks he’s being funny when he’s not, and most of the kids don’t like him. Is is decorating the cards…*

“So, Is, what do you want to do on J.’s card? Glue some sequins, draw a picture… you don’t have to write ‘love, Isobel’ at the end, if you don’t want to, you can write ‘from Isobel’ instead…”
“No, Mommy, I’m going to make a good happy picture, and make him a really nice card, because maybe it will make him happy.”
“You are absolutely the nicest person I know, Is.”
“And I’m gonna put explanation marks after love, so then he’ll be really happy, because I’m shouting my love.”




December 12, 2015

*Today, Is is watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas” on her iPad, when she pauses it and turns to me.*

“Mommy, I know what the Christmas Spirit is.”
“Yeah. It’s when you’re supposed to have fun and enjoy your toys and presents and play in the snow.”
“That sounds nice, but it’s not really the Christmas Spirit…”
“But, if you hate the toys and don’t have fun in the snow, then that’s NOT the Christmas Spirit.”
“Well, it’s really more about being thankful…”
“And playing in the snow.”‘
“Sure. Yes, and playing in the snow.”