September 25, 2014

“So, Is, what did you do in school today?”
“We were in the big classroom.”
“Wow! All of you were in there?”
“Yep! And I didn’t sit on the floor.”
“No? Did you sit on a chair?”
“Yes, for group. And then we sang.”
“Really? You sang? What did you sing?”
“No, I didn’t sing. I didn’t sing a song.”
“Oh. Are you sure?”
“Yes. I didn’t sing, not at all.”
“Ohhhhhkay… did you play with the bells again?”
“Yes. But I smacked it an smacked it and it didn’t make any noise.”
“Mommy… the ding thing is gone. Why is the ding thing gone?”
“You mean the clapper for the bell?”
“Yeah, the clapper. The ding thing, that makes it go ding.”
“I don’t know.”



September 10, 2014

*Is’s first day of school was yesterday… she had a blast, but got a little bump from another kid*

“How was your day, Is?”
“It was fun. I played with a plastic train… and the car in the playground!”
“Wow! Anything else?”
“Some kid pushed me.”
“Really? Did you fall down?”
“What did the teacher say?”
“She told the kid, ‘We don’t push’.”
“Oh. Was that okay?”
“Yeah. It was a naxident.”
“An accident?”
“I’m glad you’re okay, Is. Do you want to go back tomorrow?”
“Yes! I like school!”