September 17, 2014

*3:43 AM, Is is screaming in her sleep – she’s having a nightmare*

“Is, Is, I’m here, you’re okay…”
“Mom! I want to rock in the rockin’ chair…”
“Okay, come on… let’s rock…”

**We snuggle up in the rocking chair and rock slowly**

“You had a bad dream, huh?”
“You’re okay now, see? You’re in your room, and there’s nothing bad here.”
“I don’t like bad dreams.”
“Me, neither.”
“Mom? Why did I have a bad dream?”
“I don’t know, Is… nobody really does.”
“But why?”
“Nobody’s figured out bad dreams, or good dreams either, but I’ll tell you something… you can choose what you want to dream about before you go to sleep, and you’ll probably have a good dream. Want to try it?”
“Okay, how about dreaming about going for ice cream with Daddy, or going down the twisty green slide?”
“The green slide!”

***Now I tuck her back in***

“Okay, Is, get cozy and dream about the green slide…”
“Thanks, Mommy. I’m gonna sleep now.”