February 10, 2016

*It is getting harder and harder to get this kid to bed… In the bathroom, getting ready for bed tonight…*

“Mommy, why can you wash your hands with your rings on?”
“They’re just silver and gold, water and soap can’t hurt them. You can’t wear a pearl ring when you wash your hands, or an opal, those can get damaged by water.”
“What’s a pearl?”
“I’ll show you tomorrow. They’re amazing things, pearls. They’re made by oysters.”
“Well, something gets inside the oyster’s shell, like a piece of sand or grit or something, and it irritates the oyster, whose body is very soft. So they put this sort of oyster spit on it, layers and layers, called nacre, and the layers build up, and that becomes a pearl.”
“Mommy, that is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard.”
“Maybe, but pearls are some of the most beautiful things you’ll ever see.”

Photo is The Canning Jewel Mermaid (probably 1800s), property of the Victoria and Albert Museum.



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