February 9, 2016

*Going to sleep tonight, after Daddy reads her a book, Is asks me to tell her a story. Snow White, she asks. Of course I get it wrong and tell her Sleeping Beauty…*

“But, Mommy, where are the dorfs?”
“Dorfs? O shit, you said Snow White! I’m sorry, I told you Sleeping Beauty. Yes, Snow White has the seven dwarfs.”
“What are dorfs?”
“Dwarfs. They’re people. Little people. They get to be grown-ups, but they stay little.”
“Wait, they’re people?”
“Yes. Regular people who are smaller than usual.”
“How do they do that?”
“Um, they have a condition called dwarfism. It makes them stay little.”
“How do they get it?”
“They’re born with it, just like you were born with hip dysplasia.”
“But, how does it work? How do they stay little?”
“It makes their bodies little, shorter than people who don’t have dwarfism. They’re regular people, just little.”
“I’ll show you some pictures on my computer tomorrow.”
“I must have tallism.”
“You know, because I’m tall. I must have tallism.”
“Oh, baby, it doesn’t work like that. You’re tall because your Dad is tall. Now go to sleep.”

This photo is of Lucia Zarate, the world’s smallest woman. She weighed just 4.7 lbs and was 2 feet tall. She lived from 1864-1890.



2 thoughts on “February 9, 2016

  1. Wait until they find out about real diseases. I keep asking my mom if I looked like I had TB until I was…twelve? thirteen? Anyway, by that time she may have been thinking “It might not be such a bad thing…”


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