February 1, 2016-2

*I thought a hot shower today might help Is blow some of that snot out of her nose- so, after her shower, I wrap her up in a big fluffy towel, turban up her hair, and she starts blowing her nose…*

“Mommy. This yellow snot is disgusting.”
“Yep. Better out than in, so keep blowing.”
“You know, T. came to school and he had a big yellow booger in his nose. I bet he had a cold and now I have a cold.”
“Well, that can happen, but we can’t know for sure that you caught this at school. It could have been anywhere.”
“Well, his parents shouldn’t have sent him to school if he was sick.”
“True, but maybe he wasn’t sick when he went to school- and anyway, some parents have to send their kids to school when they’re a little bit sick, because both parents work, and they can’t stay home with a sick kid.”
“It’s terrible.”
“But you’re home. And you take really good care of me.”
“Thanks! I’m just lucky, I get to stay home with you.”
“You’re the best mommy ever.”



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