November 4, 2014

*After voting, Is and I are on the way to school. I drive past a pink toilet, set out on the curb in the trash.*

“Mommy, what’s that toilet doing outside?”
“It looks like they’re throwing it away.”
“I don’t know… maybe they’re renovating the bathroom, or maybe it’s broken.”
“How did they get it off the floor?”
“That’s a good question, Is! It’s bolted down, so they just lift the little caps and unbolt it. They have to drain the water out first. Then, they can just lift it up. I’ll show you the bolts when we get home.”
“Oh. Can a girl do that?”
“Sure, why not? If she knows how, and if she’s strong enough, then she can totally do it.”
“Can she carry it outside? That heavy toilet?”
“Yes. Of course she can. She just needs to be strong enough to lift it.”
“Mommy… I can do that! I’m strong!”



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