October 29, 2014

*6:36 AM… I hear Is get up and use her potty, then her fast little footsteps come into my room.*

“Good morning, Mommy!”
“Good morning! Hey, it’s a little early, yes?”
“No! I got up and I didn’t call you to come in. I used the potty all by myself and I didn’t need you to help me.”
“That’s great, hon.”
“Now, you have to go clean up my pee-pee before it smells.”
“Now, Mommy. You have to go do it now.”
“Okay, Is, but I have to pee first.”

**Is thinks about this for a minute.**

“Oh, well, that’s fine. THEN you can go clean up my pee-pee.”
“Thank you, Is.”
“You’re welcome!”



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