October 15, 2014

*Is has been watching Weird Al videos for a while… her current fave is “Gump”. I showed her the original “Lump” video today, and was explaining about the movie, and the references in the video from the movie, but I also told her that she’s too young to see the movie, as there are things in it I don’t think she’s ready to see yet. I told her she could see it when she was older.*

**Is comes home from school, and is finishing her snack, when…**

“Mom. I want to see “Gump”.”
“The Weird Al, or the original “Lump”?”
“No, Mommy, the movie.”
“Oh, Is, I already told you… you have to wait ’til you’re older to see the movie.”
“But, Mom! I got older today when I was in school!”



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