September 30. 2014

*Looking out the window right before bed, Is notices that it’s pretty dark out*

“Mommy, where’s the sunset?”
“It’s done already, Is. It’s nighttime now.”
“Are the birds sleeping?”
“Yes. They can’t fly at night, so they’re all cozy and asleep in their nests.”
“Why can’t they fly at night?”
“Well, they can’t see where they’re going, so they can’t fly.”
“But why?”
“They need light to see. And the sunlight is gone, because it’s night.”
“But bats… Bats can fly at night. They only fly at night.”
“Really? How do they see?”
“They don’t have to. They hear where they’re going, instead of seeing.”
“Mom… Bats must be really good listeners.”



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