October 2, 2014

*Waiting for Is’s blankets to come out of the dryer*

“Mommy, where is my bwanket?”
“I had to wash it this morning, remember, and the other ones too? They’re in the dryer now. Hear it running downstairs?”
“Yessssss….. but can you just make my bed now and put my pillow in there and all my buddies so it’s ready for me?”
“Sure, as soon as the blankets are out of the dryer. They’re still damp, and they need to be dry before I can make the bed.”
“But… can’t you just use a towel?”
“Oh… no… towels are for people, and dishes… laundry has to go through the washer, and then the dryer, unless it’s hung up to dry, like bathing suits. Even the towels go in the washer and dryer.”
“Mommy… that’s too much!”
“It’s not a big deal, Is. They’ll be dry soon and your bed will be all ready, I promise.”



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