September 13, 2014

*This morning, we hear a cardinal outside on the fence*

“Mommy, why is he outside?”
“He lives out there, Is, he’s a wild bird.”
“He’s not a pet?”
“No, he’s wild. People don’t keep cardinals as pets.”
“But you had a bird as a pet.”
“Yes, I had a parrot. Also two parakeets. Those are different kinds of birds.”
“Where is it?”
“They all died, Is. I had them for a long time, and then they died. That happens with pets.”
“We don’t have a pet.”
“That’s true.”
“We just don’t have a pet right now, Is. I’m sure we’ll get one soon.”
“Okay. I want a flamingo!”
“Oh, Is, I told you, flamingos are wild birds, too. We can’t keep them as pets. Remember?”
“Well… I guess then we can get one dog… Two dogs. We can get two dogs, Mom.”



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