September 12, 2014

*I was a few minutes early picking up Is today… so I pulled over in the shade of a big tree, opened all the windows, and made a phone call. As I sat there, I noticed some branches shaking on a pine tree in a yard next to my car… so I watched. Much to my surprise, a squirrel fell out of the tree a few seconds later. He jumped up immediately and ran back to the tree. I told Is about it when I picked her up*

“I never saw a squirrel fall out of a tree before, Is.”
“Me neither, Mommy. Mommy, why did he fall out of the tree?”
“I don’t know, Is… maybe he misjudged a distance or something, or just screwed up and fell out.”
“But why?”
“I’m really not sure, Is.”
“I know why.”
“Really? Tell me!”
“The leaves pushed him out.”



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