September 9, 2014

“Mommy, look at this leaf!”
“Hey, did this leaf come from that tree with the boo-boo?”
“Mommy, why is this leaf all hard?”
“It’s dry, Is, because that part of the tree is sick. But the leaves are starting to change anyway, because fall is coming… all these leaves will turn yellow and orange and red and brown… and then they’ll all fall off. Then the tree goes to sleep over the winter, and grows all new leaves in the spring.”
“But, Mooooom…”
“Will that happen right now?”
“The leaves, will they fall off right now? I want to see.”
“Oh, no, it takes a while. But watch this tree every day, and you’ll see it change from all green and a little brown, to bright colors, and then bare branches…”
“I’ll just stay right here, then. Okay?”



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