September 7, 2014

*Today we were at a party… and Is was running around in the yard with some bigger kids; they were running and doing cartwheels… Is kept sitting down in the grass to rest. Is was born with hip dysplasia, and has had 5 surgeries (so far) to correct it… she’s in physical therapy now to help get her stronger. A little over a year’s worth of spica casts and braces makes you pretty floppy.*

**She came over to me, with a strange look on her face, and what she said broke my heart into a million pointy pieces**

“Yes, baby? Want some water?”
“No, mommy. Mommy, why can’t I run around like the other kids?”
“Well, you’re still little, Is. When you get bigger, you can run around like them.”
“And do those wheels?”
“Cartwheels? Sure! I never could get my ass over my head, but you probably can. We can ask Vince to do some extra exercises, okay?”
“Okay! Oh, I will have some water!”




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