August 29, 2014

*Took Is to Marshall’s today, her second trip, to return a toy she chose on her first trip (but it didn’t work). I got her a set of measuring cups for her little kitchen and was heading over to the toys when…*

“Mommy, I want to go home.”
“Okay… but did you want to look at the toys first?”
“I want to go home.”
“Okay, let’s go.”
“Wait. Can we look at the clothes?”

**So we go and look at the clothes. She picks out a few things, and as I hang them on the cart, I realize that they are a cohesive collection… you can tell that the same person will be wearing these clothes. She’s a mini-fashion-genius!**

***On line to pay (and return the piece of shit Spongebob toy), the cashier oohs and aahs over the clothes. I tell her that Is picked them all out and she says***

“Oh my! You have such good taste! I wish you could be my personal shopper!”
“Mommy, what’s a sonal shopper?”
“Personal shopper. It’s someone who shops for other people.”
Is looks at the cashier, then back at me.
“Sure, Mommy, I can do that!”



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