August 24, 2014

*Is wanted cupcakes, so yesterday we baked some (she poured & mixed!)… and then we frosted them & she put the sprinkles on*
**Today, after lunch, she’s enjoying a cupcake, turning it around and around and is licking the frosting off bit by bit… and when she’s done, she puts the naked and wet cupcake back on her plate**

“Is, why didn’t you eat your cupcake?”
“I don’t want it.”
“You just wanted the frosting?”
“And the sprinkles! That’s the best part!”
“But… a lot of people also like the cupcake cake part…”
“I don’t like it.”
“Why, Is?”
“I don’t know. I like licking the other stuff. I don’t like the cupcake part.”



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