August 9, 2014

*Today, we went to Asbury Park for lunch and then we planned on taking Is to the SplashPark on the boardwalk… we got there, paid, went in… and to my total surprise and dismay, the bathroom/changing rooms were so filthy and disgusting that there was just NO POSSIBLE WAY. We turned around, got our money back and Dave went to get the car while Is and I waited for him outside the Stone Pony in the shade. Is started to cry, telling me she wanted to play in the water.*

“But Mommy, I wanted to do that!”
“I know, Is, I’m really sorry. There was just no safe place to change you into your bathing suit…”
Crying ~ “But why?”
“Is, there was no changing table, nowhere for you to be when we change your diaper and put on your bathing suit. It was also really dirty in there, so we couldn’t even use the floor.”
“But Mom… I really really wanted to…” still crying…
“I know, Is, and I’m really sorry. I know you’re disappointed and I wish I could make you feel better.”
“Mom (sniffling)… I am very disappointment.”
“Disappointed, Is. I know. I’m really sorry.”
“I hate it.”
“Me, too.”



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